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                Contact us
                Handset:15605391587 Manager Chen
                E-mail: lybolitong@163.com
                Group Add:
                High-tech Development Zone of Linyi City Luozhuang
                Company Profile

                ????    Linyi Bolitong Carburetor CO., LTD, which is engaged in producing universal small gasoline carburetor, gear box and start dial. Annual capacity for these products currently is 5 millions productions of more than 30 specifications. We are supplier of Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian Machinery and excellent supplier in plant protection and garden machinery industry.

                ?Our company adheres to the philosophy of people-oriented and quality win, all staffs follow the quality rule of “Strict requirements, High quality”. The company is managed by the principle of “3Q6S(Quality Worker, Quality Company, Quality Products, Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, Saho ,Shitsuke)”, to ensure the stability and Uniformity of product quality.

                ?With the professional technology, high quality and first-rate service, the productions of “Bolitong” now are sold to more than 30 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and more than ten countries and regions in Europe, Australia, American and Asia.

                New Products
                1E40-3Z 1E36F 1E40F-5 1E40F 1E40F-5(M8*1.25... 139F/1E31F(M8*1... 1E47F(M10*1.25) 1E40F-3Z 140F(M8*1.25) 1E46F(M10*1.25) 1E40F-5(M8*1.25... 1E34FM(M8*1) 1E34FS(M8*1-LH) 1E34F(M8*1) CG415
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                Address:Shandong Province Linyi east of the river area Taipingzhen industry garden